All excluded, poor, disadvantage, deprive and vulnerable people are increased their social and economical status through cooperative management.



To improve the living style of excluded poor, deprive, disadvantage and vulnerable people develop on their education, health, livelihood, food security, agriculture, environmental, income generation, good governance and well being by established and managed own their cooperative.



  1. Increase accessibility of excluded, poor, disadvantage, vulnerable people on locally available socio-economic human, physical & natural resources and preserve traditional & indigenous skills and culture.
  2. Play sensitizing role for social ethics and functional research on cooperative.
  3. Develop the advance cooperative institutional systems as per the modern time context.
  4. Develop the awareness on cooperative system through good governance and fund raising habit.
  5. Develop sharing and excellent communication system to familiar with cooperative development approaches.



  1. To enhance cooperation and self help motive for self dependency as well as better cooperation among community.
  2. To explore and implement activities in community to manage social conflict so as to contribute in peace building.
  3. To support community based organization for ensuring rights on resource to address the poverty in community.
  4. To promote employment opportunities for poor and marginalized people through different social and development activities.
  5. To organize community members for joint efforts in solving their problem.
  6. To improve the livelihoods of target community through the development of economic, social, cultural and educational activities.
  7. To provide technical and consultancy services in different sector.
  8. To conduct partnership activities with other organizations to create synergy.